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A shell is a natural prodigy that speaks of distant seas and exotic countries, and makes us dream of never seen possibilities.  

                     Jaume Bot i Arenas - Founder of Cau del Cargol

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Cau del Cargol  is a  Museum housing a vast variety of marine, freshwater and terrestrial mollusc shells from all over the world.    The shells in Cau del Cargol Museum were collected by its founder Jaume Bot i Arenas (1904-1983) beginning in 1952. Thanks to the acquisition of older collections, the Cau del Cargol Museum gathers the work of a variety of naturalists dating back from the 1850’s until today; this is the reason why visitors can observe truly rare and unique pieces, unique in the size of the shells and their geographic origin, unique as well in their conservation status.


The collection houses shells of more than 16.000 different species, representatives of all zoogeographical regions of the world. Visitors can enjoy more than one thousand pieces that have been carefully selected among the collection for the geographical approach of the exhibition.

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A Tour Around the World Through the Shells

The shells of mollusks materialize the unity of the animal kingdom and mineral kingdom in origin.                  The spiral forms represent the relationship between consciousness and creation.


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