Collage Nassa

Jaume Bot i Arenas in the 1950's,founder of Cau del Cargol,self-taught naturalist and apassionated nature's lover. Thanks to his work as a malacologist, the Cau del Cargol museum is an open door for sharing diversity's true value, aswell as for showing the beauty and harmony of forms and colors in nature through the shells ofmolluscs.

More than one thousand shells selected amongst more than sixteen thousand different species of the collection are exhibited, including the biggest shells of molluscs of the world -weighting up to 200 kg- as well as the smallest shells of molluscs swimming in the open waters of the oceans. From the Arctic to the tropics, from the oceans, mountains or valleys to the lakes and rivers from all around the planet. You can travel across the world through the museum's shells. You will also discover the diversitiy's true value, the spirals in nature, the secrets of proportion in the world of form as well as how is all related to our perception.

Cau del Cargol, one of the most peculiar museums in the country, is located in the historical center of Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona), in Catalonia. Shells from all over the world collected by Jaume Bot i Arenes (1904-1983) are available to everyone wanting to observe them.

The exhibition format and display casespursue the discovery of allbeautifuldetails in every single shell to be enjoyed equally by childrenand adults. During the guided visits you will also learn about biology and our perception of forms, extending in that way our sensorial experience of colors and forms in nature. The beauty of proportions is the common denominator behind all these natural treasures.

We encourage you to know this small museum full of incredible natural richness.

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